Top US colleges with a Journalism major

Last year over 16K of US students received a degree in Journalism, which is an impressive number. Since there are many institutions providing an ability to major in this specialization, high school seniors can have a hard time choosing the one that suits them best. Many colleges have quite strict rules for enrollment, and once you pass, you can expect hard studies and almost no free time in the next few years. As you can always request accounting hw help and other services when you feel that you run out of time and resources, this is not the most important point. In this guide, we have collected the top best US colleges that provide education in journalism and can be considered to apply for.

Top colleges for receiving education in journalism

Future journalists, get ready: once you enter college, you are going to repeat the questions «Can you do my homework?» and «How can I write an essay/article?» quite often. But before you become puzzled with these tasks that can be easily solved with a speedypaper discount code, you need to choose an appropriate program you will take because the quality of your education does matter. Getting a relevant degree is not necessary but will give you an advantage when applying for a job: journalism majors usually get higher salaries than other candidates.
Moreover, this is a really interesting specialization that can give you an opportunity to work in media as a writer, news speaker, correspondent, reporter, editor, and more. In the US, there are many colleges providing education in journalism, but just a few of them can be considered the best in this field. When choosing one, pay attention to such factors as:
- Does the college focus on journalism or other majors as well?
- How popular is it? How many students choose this institution?
- Is this college accredited regionally?
Here are some great options you can consider to start your career path:

College of Communication (Boston University)

This school is home for the Washington Journalism Center, where students can study journalism for one semester (especially good for politics-targeted students) and the New England Center, where journalists are trained in investigative reporting and research. This college offers BA and MA degrees as well as journalism minor, so it should be on your top list;

School of Media and Journalism (North Carolina University)

This school is widely known for the number of students who received numerous prizes and awards. For example, the Hearst Journalism award was given more times to this institution than to any other college in the US. There is a myth that its graduates cannot find good employment, but according to statistics, over 90% of alumni received good jobs last year. Here students can take lectures in advertising, graphic design, public relations, marketing, radio, political and business journalism, as well as other broadcasting subjects. It also has 20+ clubs and different student organizations to be engaged including an option to take part in newscasts, newspapers, etc.;

School of Journalism and Mass Communication (University of Iowa)

This college is well-known for bright personalities working in this sphere today that received Pulitzer, Emmy, and Peabody awards. For example, Professor Stephen Bloom, whose works are nationally acclaimed and published in most significant news sources in the US. It also publishes one of the best student newspapers in the country, The Daily Iowan that, in association with the Daily Iowan TV, provides students with significant experience.